We were asked by a couple of people who were confused by the reason we were offering tickets at different prices, so please find below a copy of the email we sent to them if it you are also uncertain.

Hi xxxxx,

Sorry if it’s confusing.

Our ethos is that no one should be unable to come to Camp because they can’t afford it, we will always endeavour to make a way available for them to come one way or another.

Historically we used to offer Early Bird tickets at this time of year at a discounted price( about 15% disc)  which provided a method to offer a lower priced ticket to buy for those struggling with finances and still give us us the advantage of early cash flow to fund the upfront costs of running the Camp ( many £’000s )

However, it occurred to us that those struggling with finances probably wouldn’t have the spare cash available just after Xmas to buy a cheaper ticket anyway and the people who did have the cash didn’t need the saving and were buying just to support Camp, almost a Catch 22.

So this year we offer 3 tickets to allow people to pick their own affordability with an option to reserve a ticket at whatever price they can afford and then have up to May 1st to pay for it in full.

This arrangement probably only works in the not- for-profit Camp environment we operate where those who can afford to buy a higher priced ticket do so to support those who can’t  – and it works very well .

There is no stigma attached to buying a cheaper ticket and no ego attached either to buying a higher priced one as all tickets look the same and only I know who bought tickets and at what price they paid for them.

We are all in it together and want to make the Camp a success, this is just one of the methods we use.

Hope that this helps

See you on the field


Ralph “