You’ll find out the daily programme each morning on camp (with so many free spirits inhabiting one space there’s waaay too many changes and swaps to publish it on here!).  But what we can tell you is…

Our Morning meeting


Most mornings we gather together at 10am. We’ve got our brilliant camp ‘hosts’ to entertain us and anyone running a workshop or session will talk about what’s involved in their activity. Without fail a joyous start to the day, with much laughter!

Each year we set aside one day for everyone to come together in a camp ‘activity’.  It’s a guided process, held by experienced facilitators. There’s no pressure to join but everyone that does is able to connect more deeply with themselves and with others on the camp.  Make new connections and deepen existing ones. It could be astrology, it could be the medicine wheel, it could be chakras – all will be revealed!

The daily workshops and activities are held in our themed ‘areas’ by some of the most experienced and inspirational facilitators in the country.


Go on a journey of self-discovery with our inspirational and dynamic team! Learn a variety of breathing techniques; create vision boards; attend deep process workshops and talking circles

KRISHNA TEMPLEA sacred space, to connect with the divine, with daily kirtan.

MUSIC AND DANCE click for  more details

CIRCLE DANCING click for  more details

ASTROLOGY SPACEOur team of some of the best astrologers in the UK will be providing astrological readings, astro’ drama and talks.  more details

CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE click for  more details                                                        children do remain the responsibility of their parents at all times

TEEN SPACE   click for more details

WOMEN’S SPACE  click for  more details

MEN’S LODGE   click for more details

EVENING ENTERTAINMENTS   click for more details

DRUM NIGHT FINALE   click for more details

MARKET : For the tat and fashion lovers amongst you we have three markets over the ten days – do bring your stuff to sell.  Pre-loved is the new designer don’t you know!     



SUMMER FETE : Returning for it’s second year in 2021 was our brilliant Summer Fete on the final Sunday the weather was a scorcher so we’ll do it again this year.


SPORTS : We have daily sporting activities such as football, cricket, knife and axe throwing ( hmmm is this strictly a sport ???! ), hula hooping and frisbee