When is a camp not a festival ?

A camp is a place of co creation, of tribe, of community, of family.  A place where people can come together, create ritual and magic, a place to grow.  Where we learn how to live on the land together, in harmony, leaving only footprints when we depart the site, and taking away so much love in our hearts to carry us through another year.

Our beautiful eco-site

Nestled between the River Severn, and the forest of Dean, on a flat, sheltered field . We use eco toilets and showers (don’t expect a flushing loo!) clean and hygenic with the added bonus of a suana too !

We camp in circles (or on your own if you like) with welcoming central fires for you to cook and socialise around.

Mobile shop and near access to local shops. We can provide lifts if needed.

On site vegetarian café

Tribe and community

We gather together at 10am, for our morning meeting, where contributors have the opportunity to talk about the programme for the day. A joyous start to the day, with much laughter!

 Free community feast – as a gesture of our deep appreciation and love, we invite you to join everyone on the camp for a joyful shared feast on the last day. Cooked by amazing chefs, with love, for you!

 Take part in our camp revue (that’s show to you) – a chance to share your talents, surprise and delight, or just sit back and watch the fun (think Ain’t Half Hot Mum with a hippy vibe, hehe)

 Join the full day camp process – a guided process, held by experienced facilitators helping you to connect more deeply with yourself and with others on the camp. Make new connections and deepen existing ones.  It could be astrology, it could be the medicine wheel, it could be chakras – all will be revealed!


Go on a journey of self discovery with our inspirational and dynamic team! Learn tantric breathing; create vision boards; attend deep process workshops;

Wellbeing  a space for body and mind

Our wellbeing area offers you the opportunity to learn more about your health in order to become your most optimum well being self!  Our therapists aim to help restore balance, encourage vitality, and allow you to connect with your own body, to listen, to learn, to let go……


Learn new skills in our crafting area with our team of incredibly talented artists and craftspeople! You can make dragons, learn willow weaving, make lotions and potions, work with stones, weave, knit, crotchet, paint, felting, and didge making.  Many more to be announced!

Crafting spaces for 8 – 12 yr olds


Connect with spirit, go journeying, explore the mysteries, with our weird and magical Shamans!

Celebrate life and love, and join in with heart opening Bhajans!

Music and dance

Dance your dreams awake, sing, drum, play music! 

  • Great live music with our home grown musicians, and some surprises too!
  • Circle dance
  • Drum lessons and drum circles (djembe)
  • Sacred chanting
  • Reggae night
  • Open mike
  • Stonking bands
  • Learn an instrument –

Music for everyone

Create, sing, dance, be, relax, rejuvenate!

Activities for children in our children’s area ( children do remain the responsibility of their parents at all times)

Teen space

Women’s Space

Men’s Space

Special events to be announced