Every year we have to store all the equipment used in running Rainbow Summer Camp 

Most of this kit has been bought from ticket sales and is therefore the property of the Camp and not the organisers ( exc Wellbeing areas )

This equipment now completely fills a full size house removal van and has become just too much to store at home addresses so we store in Malvern.

The cost to do this is £ 1600 which comprises of 11 months storage @£100/month  + drop off and pick up at £250 each time. It will be stored in clean, dry and safe conditions. Additional fixed costs take this figure to approx £2000 

Some of the Camp have already contributed towards the cost of doing this and many have asked for an online PayPal facility to do the same so we have set up a Money Pool Paypal account to accept donations. Please click on the link below to make a donation

You can contribute any amount which is affordable to you, we are very grateful to everyone who is able to contribute no matter how small the amount, we value all support equally and donors and amounts are shown anonymously.

Thank You on behalf of the whole Camp