A sacred space to honour our relationship with the earth and each other. The themes are based on the elements…

Spirit: Sun Celebrations – come together in community rituals, chant for the earth, and even naming ceremony for the little (and sometimes not so little ones) of the tribe.

Water: Circles to weave tales together and find our inner resources

Air: Workshops on Herbs, the medicine wheel, Shamanic drumming, Energy healing and more

Fire: Skill sharing space for divination, card readings, reiki and dowsing

Earth: Into the Dark – Inner Journeying with drum, didgeridoo and gong

It’s our hope and intention that we will co-create a community altar with found objects. Ideas and offers to participate are most welcome.

N.B. This area may contain sage, burning herbs or incense, so please let the area coordinator know at least an hour in advance of the workshop/activity if this might be a problem for you, and an alternative will be used.

Connect with spirit, go journeying, explore the mysteries, with our wyrd and magical shamans!