SILENT AUCTION – How to make a donation

Thank you for your interest in the Silent Auction

How to take part :  Donor Information

PLEASE NOTE : To provide a Lot for the auction you must be prepared to post/deliver or otherwise arrange for your item to get to the winning bidder or arrange collection etc., we shall reimburse postage costs . Unfortunately it isn’t practical for us to receive  everything and send them on to winners. Also in the case of services or otherwise we will provide the donor with the contact details of the winner to make suitable private arrangements for convenient dates etc to perform the service.

To enter a Lot  for Auction :

Simply take a photo, identify where you are located in case of collection required and a starting bid ( please think about postage ) that you would consider the item to be worth. In this way Lots will not be undersold to the disappointment of the donor. ( See action below ) *

To enter Services  for Auction:

Please provide a brief explanation of what is on offer, where it will take place and any other pertinent details e.g. audience suitability, special requirements, dates etc and again a suggested starting bid for what you are offering.( See action below ) *

*Armed with this information please then go to Auction Lot – Submissions