Self responsibility is our mantra! 

We’re all subject to society’s rules every day of our lives and this is a chance to escape.  For us to create and be the society and community we want to be.  So essentially there are no rules.  But in order to secure this beautiful site, as a tribe we have collectively agreed on a 12 midnight curfew for loud goings on! Amplified music stops at 11pm and if you’re still around your personal fires at midnight, you just need to be  mindful and considerate.  This is because there are very near neighbours in the village who would be disturbed by late night merry making and your immediate camping neighbours too deserve consideration.  We’re so  lucky to have this site and we want to be able to use it in the future too.


We have a quiet camping area, where we have collectively agreed on silence after midnight.  There’s a not so quiet camping area for those night owls who love nothing better than  sitting round their own fires, chatting until the early hours.  The Chai Bar will be open every evening for late night acoustic music, chatting, and  of course drinking delicious chai.  Plus there’s a central fire where you can come together with friends old and new to sit out under the stars until late.

Wanting a wild, wild paaaartaaay?  It’s really important that if you are looking for a camp or a festival that parties on into the night, that you recognise this camp is not for you!

So other than the obvious NO DRUGS and unfortunately NO PET DOGS policies – our only other rule is no joss sticks in public spaces (Love it. Where else do you get to see rules like that!!). 

So, come and be free. Free to be your totally authentic self.