A GUIDE to our online camp

Well, we would be lying if we said we hadn’t faced some significant challenges in getting our heads round technology!  But we have learned new skills, including zoom, which is where we will be sharing many of our live events.

So, what about zoom?  Zoom is a FREE online facility that allows multitudes of people to watch or take part in a meeting ( zoom rooms) all at the same time. You will have to have Zoom installed on your phone or PC to watch most of the live events. You can either download on your phone-(click on the playstore button and download) and then you can click on the links below to see our Live events!

Or you could download it through google on your laptop/tablet etc. click on the link below to sign up if you haven’t got a zoom account

Right! You are now signed up and can access Zoom.  When you log on by clicking the links below you will have the option to join a meeting. When you click on this option it may ask for a meeting ID.  The meeting ID is the number at the end of the hyperlink ( ie the long complicated set of numbers that will appear when you click on the links below).   Some people just give meeting IDs, as a short cut.  Please note that there are no passwords  for the following camp events.  We have a number of different zoom rooms in use so make sure you get the meeting ID right!

The event is a mix of live and recorded events. The recorded events will be available for a while so you can watch those any time convenient to you but the LIVE events will be one-off performances

You can just click on the Zoom links below to join us :

Saturday : ZOOM LIVE EVENTS See Board for recorded workshops links

9pm        Nick Nick’s Saturday Night Chat


Sunday : ZOOM LIVE EVENTS  See Board for recorded workshops links

10am      Drum and Voice workshop

10am      Lockdown Learning 

11.30am Savouring, and Maximising Positivity

2pm       Mindfulness Meditation

3.30pm Using the medicine wheel to live a life in balance with George

Meeting ID: 883 1869 0020
Password: 087920

4pm       Chats with  Hats

7pm        Men’s lodge


view all on   -VIA THIS  LINK at the appropriate time 


We have Yoga at 9am and 5pm on both Saturday and Sunday

Story time is at 6.30 pm Live on Sunday


We will be ending our camp with divine Bhajans from Madhava and Guna at 7.30pm on Sunday evening.