Statement On Gender

Our aim is for RSC to be a place where people of all genders, or none, are not only accepted but celebrated. We believe that each person’s definition of their own gender is sacrosanct. Asking for, and using, peoples pronouns is just one small way in which we try and make the space welcoming to all. We see the authentic use of pronouns to be only the outward sign of a deeper search for understanding of gender. We understand that it is easy to make mistakes (for example using the wrong pronoun when talking about someone) but we will not tolerate the deliberate denial or discrediting of someone’s gender. This also applies to people’s sexualities and lifestyle choices, including the choice to live or spend time in spaces restricted to certain genders or other identity groups.

There will be some ‘restricted’ spaces and sessions at camp. These will be clearly indicated and clarity given about who the spaces are for and the intention behind this. The women’s space will be open to all who identify as women. The trans space will open to all trans, genderqueer and/or non-binary people. Any men’s spaces will be inclusive of all who identity as men. There will be some workshops, sharing spaces, and sessions restricted to specific groups of people. No-one will be asked to justify their inclusion into these spaces. We understand that there are many reasons why people need ‘identity spaces’ and welcome those who offer these in the spirit of making the camp a safer space for oppressed and marginalised groups.

We understand that there are many issues that separate different sections of the LGBTQ communities. We aim to make our camp as safe a space as possible for ALL sectors of our community. We welcome any comments, advice and support as we endeavour to change and become inclusive to all.