Music and Dance provides the beating pulse of the camp.

We are incredibly lucky to have so many talented musicians and dancers in the tribe to share their gifts – performing and teaching.  But we’ve also managed to create an unbelievably supportive environment for everyone to come and have a go at something new. 

A highlight of the camp is always the Circle dance, which usually happens  twice a day (last year our record was over 100 dancers at once!). Join the meditative dance or bring your instruments to camp and join the Circle Dance band.

   see Circle Dancing

Other dance includes Five Rhythms, Burlesque and belly dancing, Fit Steps (outside when fine, so lovely!)

There’s loads of opportunity to sing and play too, with our camp choir hosted by Luna which is always such a joy.  A ‘time to shine’ drop in – a supportive space for those not quite ready to hit the big stage but want to start performing to a small group.  And daily sacred chanting.

We’re also incredibly lucky to have one of the best astrologers in the country leading us on a musical journey to the planets (aided somewhat by the modern technology of our silent disco kit!)

Drumming is a big part of our tribe’s history – if you’ve always wanted to learn there’s lessons in a supportive and welcoming environment.  And we hold daily drum circles for everyone to join.  So bring your Djembes, darabukas, whatever drum you can lay your hands on and come and lose yourself in the beat and on into the evening!



Hear our own incredibly talented Loopy Tom McNair below ( courtesy of You Tube ).

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