We  invite all that identify as male to our virtual gathering.

An opportunity for Rainbow Men to be together, where we can share with each other “Our Experiences, as Men, of 2020 so far”.

This is in a non-judgemental, confidential & safe space, if you choose to speak – the focus is on us being witnessed and heard.

It is not a talking shop as such, we think that there are many opportunities for that – and after some seven years together we have learned what serves us best.

If this speaks to you – you are very welcome to join us on Sunday evening at 7pm”

You will be able to access the virtual gathering through our super spirit men’s group you can find on Facebook look forward to seeing you there ❤️

The tent flap will close at at 7:15 so be on time

Men are not often enough given the space in our society to come together to talk and share.

We’re proud to offer an empowering space for men to connect daily, but also to use their hammers and saws!  Ironically or not!

Held by some brilliant tribe members, come and enjoy and help create a powerful and magical experience