Most evenings you’ll be able to Circle Dance as the sun goes down and later to chant and connect with the divine. Our Chief Seattle ceremony is both moving and heart opening, a chance to honour our beautiful mother earth.

See Circle Dancing Video  Circle Dancing


A chance to dress up in your most outlandish outfits for a night of dancing This year we have changed our tack to a more traditional band and have secured  the brilliant The Same Page to play for us.

A talented band offering all the old classics to dance and sing along to see a sample below to get you moving .


And for the disco divas amongst you who want to carry on dancing we’ll have a silent disco for you – everything from reggae, to Abba, to disco, to drum and base!

See all the fun from 2019   Masked Ball 

 The major highlights of camp are always our home-grown talent – we actively encourage musicians to come together for open mic nights; acoustic music; plays and drama, and poetry and singing. See Loopy Tom

On the final Sunday evening (28th August) the entire camp gathers together around the central fire to dance (and fire twirl) to our incredible drummers, led by our Senegalese Master Drummer friends.  Powerful, magical and truly tribal.  If you’ve never experienced a fire circle before you’ll be blown away

See their skills  Fire Twirling