Want to be part of something really special?  Then why not apply for one of our camp vacancies? Please scroll down the page for current details.

All ‘volunteers’ enjoy reduced rates for coming to camp commensurate with the number of hours they commit to helping out each day/session etc etc.


FULL FACILITATOR TICKET – 8 sessions working 2-3 hours every day ( usually Gate, Site and musicians) £20
HALF FACILITATOR TICKET – Must be available for whole camp holding 4 workshops £95
If you can only come for part of the camp you will need to discuss your ticket with the organisers

We welcome all applications but please only put your name forward if you are sure that you can carry out the task in a responsible manner and have the commitment and skill set required to do so.

Please send any offers to work or questions to

Many Thanks

C U R R E N T  V A C A N C I E S





He wrote ….

“Hi campers, yesterday I forwarded the draft agreements to Ralph and Mark for this years Rainbow Summer Camp and The Druid Camp respectively.

So it’s time to ask, who wants to crew at Flaxley this year?

I will be giving those that crewed last year priority, though I’m sure there will be room for new applicants, as we were a little short last year.

There are 20 kitchen crew tickets available and 8 site crew tickets for each event.

I would prefer to have the continuity of having people crew for both events, though realise that’s not always possible for many. Some of you may already be facilitating for one event and may just want to crew for me for the other. Some of you may have limited holidays or other commitments, and I understand all that.

I always like people to be as flexible as possible and versatile in the kitchen. Duties include; Cheffing, Veg preping, wash-up & cleaning and counter/serving. The occasional run to the shops.
You will need to be on your feet for 4 hour shifts, so please only commit if you feel up to it.

Shifts can start at 6am in the morning through ’till midnight.

We will again be the sole caterers at both events, so there’ll be a lot of mouths to feed.

We will need to be catering in-between events as well, though not for so many people, mostly crew.

The kitchen will be vegetarian and there will be eggs on the breakfast menu, cows milk on the counter, and cheese available with some meals, though we will mostly be making vegan meals.

The site crew duties will include; helping with erecting marquees, helping with plumbing, building a bender for the steam bath, cleaning of toilets and showers, building a new set of toilets, keeping the site and recycling tidy, Looking after and maintaining all structures, taking all the tents down again at the end, clearing all the fire pits and clearing the site after most people have left.
I’m sure there may be other duties I haven’t mentioned, so again I ask people to be flexible.

I will be on site some time in the last week of July to get the site ready for the Druid Camp opening on the 7th of August, so I will need some early site crew, and most site crew need to be on site from the start of August.

The Druid Camp runs for 5 days from the 7th to 11th of August, so I need Kitchen crew to arrive by the 6th so they are pitched and ready to crew on the 7th.

The Rainbow Summer Camp runs for 11 days from the 16th to the 26th of August, so I need kitchen crew to be there from the 15th, pitched and ready to crew on the 16th.

You are welcome to come earlier for both events to help clean the kitchen equipment and enjoy the field longer. But please confirm with me.

In return for your help you will get a free ticket to the events you crew for me (which each cost over £100). You’ll get free porridge, I’ll be asking for a donation for your lunch and main dinner, and again I will pay some expenses, calculated on shifts worked and how good the takings are. And I will sing and play your requests on the guitar, so long as you’re not too naughty!
Of course I will also want you all to love me a little bit and tolerate my ego.

There will hopefully be days off during the events, so long as we have a full crew to cover all the shifts.

So please come help create these 2 magical events under a star lit sky.

I prefer people to apply through email at as it’s easier for me to label

the messages, and keep track of all applications.

But you can just private message me on Facebook as well. ”

Luv&Chakra Buzz

GATE CREW  posted 21.02.19 

We are looking for people to help work on our gate, meeting and greeting, being part of our rainbow hub, sharing information and advice about how the camp works!  You will be extremely well looked after by our wonderful gate co-ordinators- and maybe even fed ice cream, and other lovely treats! You will share shifts with one or two other magnificent people.

Duties include booking people in, taking in monies, giving information, opening and closing the gate, documenting takings and anything noteworthy, handing over to the next shift checking wristbands, tea-drinking and good conversation. We will have a wood fire in the evening. Training will be given and you will be fully supported.

The Shifts are 3 hours long and run from 9am, 12pm 3pm, 6pm and 9pm. Sometimes folk need to get out early for varying reasons so I have been known to unlock at 6am but this is on an ad-hoc basis. We will have at least 2 crew on the gate and increase the numbers at busy times. Shifts will be varied but we would never expect anyone to work the late-late shift one night and come in on the early shift the next day. If you can be flexible, that would be a major asset – there are always changes and swaps required. 

Rainbow Summer Camp runs for 11 days from the 16th to the 26th of August, but camp facilitators arrive before so I will need some people set up and ready to crew by the 15th. For people working the entire camp we will aim to give you a couple of days without a shift. If you can only help for part of the camp you will be equally welcome.

If you would like to express your interest, please email us and tell us a little bit about yourself, how long you can come to camp for, any specific requirements and your age.

Please send us your details via the CONTACT Page 

WELLBEING AREA – posted 24.02.19

Sorry now fully staffed – no vacancies available

CAMP ANGELS  posts now filled

CRAFT AREA posted 20.05.19

Our wonderfully talented and creative Amanda is looking for more  people to join her in the Craft area.  It could be bushcraft, eco recycling skills, anything art and crafts related!