At the time of writing, May 2021, owing to the Covid pandemic, the last 15 months has proven to be probably the most testing time any of us will have seen in our life times.

We are acutely aware that opinions are divided on this situation but whatever our personal belief may be on the subject we are as an event governed by the law of the land and will be required to adhere to the recommendations current at the time Camp takes place.

In addition to this we feel that as the organisers it is our responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all those attending to the best of our ability. Please note that no insurers are prepared to provide any level of cover relating to claims in relation to Covid 19 or it’s variants and so attendees come along at their own risk in this regard. We do of course, as do our hosts, provide Third Party Ins cover as a minimum protection.

As a Camp we are relying on attendees to do the right thing for themselves and everyone else, but please if you have a high temperature or are feeling unwell please don’t come.

Our final request is that as feelings can run hot and high on this topic we ask that we all leave our opinions on the subject at the Gate. We shall have a bin to dump them in if necessary. We do not want heated debates on site in this regard as it is road to disagreement and ill feeling contra to the ethos of Camp and our reasons for getting together year after year.

Please lets have a safe, harmonious Camp looking after each other as we always try to do.