A Message from Rainbow Summer Camp and Crystal Conscious (our hosts)

 Dear Beloved Tribe,

Firstly, we would like to say a big thank you to all of you for believing in us and making our tribal gathering possible this year. We are eternally grateful for your trust and literally cannot wait to see you.

Whilst many of us wish to return to normal and put these times behind us, we do need to have understanding and compassion for each other.  Many of our tribe are feeling very nervous about covid, and as the organisers, we want to make sure that ALL who come, feel honoured and respected.

We have looked at other events that have taken place/will be taking place in the near future, to see how any risks were managed to help make everyone feel comfortable as they come on to site.

Having considered all aspects of this we have come to our conclusions based on the information that is available to us.

So, we would ask that before coming to Summer Camp to please consider the following, not just for you, but also to help everyone else feel comfortable.

If you are able to do a Lateral flow test this would greatly reduce the the potential of any risk; These tests are available for free at most pharmacies or,  We will also have some test kits on site if needed throughout the event.

If the test is positive then please take a PCR test to confirm the result.

If you have any Covid symptoms then please do not come to the camp: these symptoms are: High temperature, New continuous cough, loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. If you develop covid symptoms on camp, please remain in your space, and take a test!

On Arrival you will be asked to confirm that you are feeling well and we will ask that you have your temperature taken. We are very aware that some people do not like the idea of the non-contact infrared thermometer being used on the forehead so we will offer alternative measurement techniques.  If you have a high temperature, we will ask you to sit in a holding space and recheck your temperature after a short period; if it is still high, we will kindly ask that you do not enter the camp.  We recognise that this has changed since our last communication, but due to the increase in cases we are having to amend our protocol to keep our tribe safe.

Whilst on camp we ask that you are mindful and respectful of others. We all have our own ideas of how things are, and the key message is be kind!  Respect others for their views and meet peacefully at the middle ground. We intend to do all we can not only to make this camp a place where we can reconnect after these strange times, but also to allow us to continue to be safe and feel held by our community. We also want to have respect for our local community and ask that once on the camp we all limit our movement on and off site to only really essential trips.

Because we have very near neighbours we have a noise curfew of 12 pm.  We will have a quiet camping area for those who like to be in bed before midnight:  and a not so quiet area for those who want to sit round campfires, quietly chatting.  We are “on probation” this year, so its up to each and everyone of us to manage noise levels so we can return again next year.

We will be allowing maximum air movement through all our structures, and so ask that you bear this in mind when packing and maybe bring an extra blanket and some warmer clothing for any times where there may be needed.  Also please bring hand gel.  We will have some around the site but providing hand gel for 300 people over 11 days is beyond our budget!

We have a café and there is also The Exploring Raw Chai shop selling plenty of lovely snacks and drinks, and an acoustic stage.  If you intend to use the café, please bring your own cutlery and crockery.   There will be a wash up space available for you to clean your pots.

Arrivals will start from Thursday 19th midday for facilitators and Friday for customers.

See you in the sunshine!

Lots of love and appreciation

Summer Camp HQ