We hold a space for everyone in our tribe…



A creative, fun and stimulating children’s area – music, drama, crafts, games and circus skills. Our shamanic practitioners even run workshops to help children connect with their power animals. We invite all our mini-tribe members to join us every day – but children do remain the responsibility of their parents at all times.


Not quite a child, not quite a teenager (ie “no way Mum, that kids’ area is dorky!”)

BOYS TO MEN GROUPfor our young men about to  embark on their journey to adulthood.  Meeting twice a day with the most phenomenal coordinators, for gentle talking, bush-craft, den-making, wild and adventurous games, crafts, and sports.  Watch your young man transform in front of your eyes over ten days!


TWEEN GIRLS SPACEA space for our young women just beginning their journey to adulthood.  A space to talk and share, to co create, for art, bush craft and den making, wild and adventurous games, crafts and sports.   Our tween girls from 2019 have stayed in touch with each other (the joys of the smart phone!) – this is the beginning of their life-long tribal connections and its beautiful to witness.


Hard to persuade your teens to come on holiday with you?  Tell them they have their own marquee space to hang out in (with some fabulously cool young adults holding the space brilliantly) music, DJ’ing (learning to and doing it), pizzas and snacks, workshops, bush craft skills, circus skills.