We thought about setting out the daily programs for everyone to view but there is just too much going on to make that practical so we have summarised some of the highlights what we are going to do during our 11 glorious days together ;

Opening Ceremony is Fri 16th August at 7.00 pm, arrive in time to be greeted by a Hug & Mug from the Gate Crew with help from the Camp Angels if you need a hand setting up.

We have over 100 super talented facilitators to look after us coupled with Starcus and his café crew to keep us fed and entertained so you are assured of a great time.

Each day will offer multiple Yoga sessions, wellbeing practices, crafting, ceremonies specialised dance opportunities including the inimitable Diarmid and Circle Dancing, 5 Rhythms, Fitsteps and of course music, music,music.

Each day will have a structured range of crafting activities with laid back afternoons to continue your projects over tea and a natter. Our coordinators have  a programme of over 20 different crafts for you to enjoy during the camp

We have over 30 highly qualified therapists working in the Wellbeing area offering literally hundreds of spaces for massage, Reiki, aromatherapy and a varied and interesting range of other specialised modalities.

Don’t miss Ronnie’s Sound Emporium

Gay has put together a programme of Earth Energies that will include, Angelic Reiki, Shamanic Journeys, Gong Bathing, ceremonial celebrations- almost a camp in itself.

We expect to see lots of ad-hoc music spring up around the camp.

Women’s and Men’s areas promise a full week of activities still to be finalised.

Bands, we have our own much loved Loopy Tom and friends, supported throughout the week by a host of other musical talent including sessions of Singing with Sheila.

Also we have some outside bands Felix ( first Fri) , Celtarabia ( Wed ) and Crawlin’ King Snakes( Sat Bank Hol )

Wed eve sees The Masked Ball – a chance for dressing up and dancing to Celtarabia, Thursday is Eco Day, a whole day committed to what we can do to save the planet – a Tam Pierson and Linda Day extravaganza .

Sat Bank Hol  eve another chance to dress up 50’s style ( or just plain daft ) to dance to The Crawlin’ King Snakes.

Sunday Bank Hol – Cricket match and Garden Fete – more dressing up ? – Drum day with Sam Gaddeson starting after the cricket and running non stop until 11 pm – bring drums and ear plugs .

Communal feast on Bank Hol Mon, stay until Tues 27th if you wish at no extra cost, all help appreciated in breaking camp down.

Markets on first Sun, Wed mid week and Sun Bank Hol

Improved toilets and showers, washing up sinks etc etc.

This just scratches the surface of what we will be doing and we shall have spare spaces if you want to start something yourself….singing, chatting, music…..

So, if you haven’t already bought your ticket it’s best to get a move on as we will be on the field from 12th August so on line ticket sales will cease after that date and late comers will need to pay cash on the Gate.

It’s going to be a great time….see you there