We are a small group of people who for  many years enjoyed the free festivals of the past. More recently the current main stream events and other quieter local smaller camps have taken their place for us. 

We’re travellers, electricians, charity workers, masseurs, social workers, teachers, business people, we have jobs, we don’t have jobs, we are retired, we are disabled – even a mindfulness-teaching policeman !  We’re single, we’re attached, we’re Grand parents, we’re the burnt-out parents of Teens.

We are You. We’re everyone.

We have been so inspired by these experiences that we decided to put on camps of our own.

Sadly the days of free festivals are gone, expenses have to be paid, so we pay ourselves for our time and we share the ticket money between the amazing people who come and co-ordinate our fantastic activities – music, craft, wellbeing, site and Cafe crews etc etc.

We are committed to being a not-for-profit organisation.

Any surplus we invest into the camps each year and we hope for the future of our magical tribe.