We are You. We are everyone.

We are a group of people whose roots go back to the free festival days, Oak Dragon, Rainbow Circle, Rainbow 2000, Rainbow Futures.

But many people are new – and unreservedly welcomed in with open arms.

We are travellers, electricians, charity workers, masseurs, social workers, teachers, business people, we have jobs, we don’t have jobs, we are retired, we are disabled – even a mindfulness-teaching policeman!  We are single, we are attached, we are Grand-parents, we’re the burnt-out parents of Teens. We are childless. But whoever you are, we can guarantee the warmest of welcomes

Our camp is a place of co creation, of tribe, of community, of family.  A place where people of all ages can come together, create ritual and magic, a place to grow.  Where we learn how to live on the land together, in harmony, leaving only footprints when we depart the site, and taking away so much love in our hearts to carry us through another year.


We are committed to being a not-for-profit organisation.

We pay for field rental, hire of marquees, upkeep of our own structures, decorations, craft materials, area expenses, lighting, advertising – and so much more that goes into putting on such a beautiful event.

The main organisers are paid expenses for their time – they work on creating Summer Camp all year round!  And the amazing people who are part of the visioning group and co-ordinate our fantastic activities also have a share of the ticket money in recognition of the gifts they bring.

We pay for bands.


We provide a free feast for everybody on Bank Holiday Monday.

Any surplus will be invested into the camps each year for the future of our magical tribe.